Professional Loyalty

Professional Loyalty



The Professional Loyalty Rewards add-on will allow you to launch a loyalty program and reward your customers as they buy from you. By giving customers smaller rewards from the first points they accumulate, you make your customers more loyal. No need to wait until the card is completed to reward your customers!

With a powerful reporting engine, you can easily identify your most loyal customers and how many rewards are used. You will also get an estimate on the sales that the loyalty program is generating. If you have a take-out business, you’ll be able to remotely validate the points after each purchase.

Finally, you can track the employees who validate the points and the rewards so that fraud is under control.

The Professional Loyalty Rewards are similar to the Basic, with additional functionality included:

  • Adding of Multiple Cards
  • Awarding Points Remotely or Manually
  • The client does not have to scan a QR code or have a pin code entered on his / her phone
  • Points can be rewarded after the client has left the store, or if they have purchased online
  • Allocating the points will be a manual process
  • Claiming the reward will still have to take place in store

Note: Add VIP Membership add-on module for even greater custom rewards.

Note – Works on our Easy App Creator Platform