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Yemaya Spa & Hair

Project Description

Yemaya Spa & Hair’s main goal during the development of this project was to include all the services and treatments available at the spa. CN Marketing developed a mobile app that included their Company Shop where app users could purchase vouchers for treatments or products that are endorsed by the spa. Another notable feature includes an Integrated Online Booking system whereby app users can book their sessions from the app. To view the app click the following link for Android and on iOS

Client Overview

Yemaya Spa & Hair is the best spa in Cape Town with the most to offer in terms of hair, beauty and nail care treatments. Yemaya Spa requested a mobile app with an emphasis on attractive images of their services and treatments as an aesthetic component. An app user is treated to a compilation of images retain attention.

Included Features

  • About Us
  • Link Integration
  • Booking
  • Form
  • Contact Us
  • Loyalty Card Program
  • Social Media Integration
  • Automated Dialing
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Fan Wall
  • Topics
  • Location via SAT/NAV
  • Push Notification
  • In-App Messages
  • Image Gallery
  • My Profile
  • My Account
  • Login with Facebook
Project info
Yemaya Spa & Hair
Health & Beauty Mobile App Design
Spa App, Mobile App Design
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Your products and services are available in your Users hand at all times; therefore you decrease the amount of printing done for your business.
Our mobile apps are easy to use and optimised for faster loading available for download on Android and IOS.
You are afforded the opportunity to increase brand awareness, customer reach and improve sales by communicating through your app.
Customer comments and concerns can be addressed quickly and efficiently. Expand your customer database through the use of forms and reviews on your mobile app.
Become more visible, offline modes are available. This means that the User enjoys access to the app even when they aren’t connected to the internet.
Build lasting relationships to create a sense of loyalty with your Users, reintroduce yourself to the technological generation and drive new clients to your business.