Proudly Three Rivers

Project Description

CN Marketing developed a mobile app that fell in with Proudly Three Rivers transparency mandate and remains user-centric as a means of imparting information to members and supporters of this community initiative. The primary function of the Proudly Three Rivers mobile app is communication between administration and contributing members on current projects and tasks that the organisation is involved with.

Client Overview

Proudly Three Rivers is an organization founded by a local group of business who grew concerned about the dilapidation of infrastructure in their suburb. These businessmen soon realised that unless members of the community were to get actively involved on a personal level, infrastructures in Three Rivers would drastically deteriorate to the point where families would no longer be able to live a dignified life in an acceptable, safe and healthy environment. As the app was designed for a community forum; it affords the founders the transparency required by its members as well as convenient access to information such as meeting dates, open projects as well as contact information. Notable features include Documents and Forms, which provide the user with downloadable content in PDF format such as membership forms, banking details as well as weekly newsletters.

Included Features

  • About Us
  • Forms
  • Folders
  • Email Photo
  • Business Directory
  • Places
  • Contact Us
  • Image Gallery
  • Events
  • Fan Wall
  • Facebook Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • In-App Messaging
  • Topics
  • My Profile
  • My Account
Project info
Proudly Three Rivers
Mobile App Design
Community Forum, Mobile App Design
Web App
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Our mobile apps are easy to use and optimised for faster loading available for download on Android and IOS.
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