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Thinus Steyn Brokers (PTY ) Ltd


Thinus Steyn Brokers  (PTY) Ldt, requested that CN Marketing design their corporate branding, using bold fonts in blue, white and grey.

This financial institute desired a logo that would not only humanise the company but also affirm a sense of professionalism.


Thinus Steyn Brokers (PTY) Ltd, has provided personal financial planning and insurance since 1988.

They have built a longstanding reputation for honesty and integrity in the field while meeting the consulting needs of their clients with excellent service.

Thinus Steyn Brokers (PTY) Ltd, aims to equip their clients with the best possible financial advice using diligence, skill, openness and creativity.

They also ensure that they use the most advanced resources available to them when fulfilling their client’s financial needs.

All members of Thinus Steyn Brokers (PTY) Ltd team are well qualified and committed to achieving the best outcome for all of their clients.

bold and striking logo.