Mobile App Development
In a world where information is globally dispersed, mobile applications are essential in order for businesses to remain relevant to consumers who are always on the move. No business is exactly alike, why should your app be? CN Marketing develops custom mobile apps that are tailored to your business needs. Communication is a rare commodity; why not include a mobile app in your marketing strategy?
Website Development
One develops a website in order to provide an online communication channel that your customers can connect to. Websites are used to relay information such as your business contact details, the services you provide and what products you sell. Unleash your brand from local limitations and soar to global greatness! Nurture existing relationships with your clients or pave the way for new clientele’. Make yourself accessible, available and dominate the competition by allowing CN Marketing to develop your website.
E-commerce Websites
Electronic Commerce, or eCommerce refers to the selling of products or services over the internet. We live in an Information Age where most business transactions can be done over the internet via online shopping. Allow CN Marketing to develop your digitised transaction platform and give your physical store an online presence with online fund transfers, internet marketing, interact with electronic data, supply chain management, transaction processing and data collection. With your eCommerce platform your online business will receive orders and online payments and ultimately increase your sales, boost your brand and provide convenient access to your stakeholders.
Corporate Branding
Corporate branding is a term used in marketing to promote your corporate identity with reference to your products and services. Corporate branding provides a holistic feel to your business that ties every aspect of your company together, this is reflected in your corporate identity, culture, sponsorships, employment protocols, departmental extensions and various marketing strategies. Allow CN Marketing to create or improve on your corporate branding, by incorporating your business personality into product packaging, letterheads, email signatures and so much more. We create recognisable and memorable branding that will leave your customers with a strong emotional attachment to your business. In time this attachment will evolve into customer loyalty and positive word of mouth.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing, or SMM, involves the use of promotion tools that most Social Media platforms offer. By utilising SMM tools one gains access to accurate and extensive data analysis and insights. This affords your business the opportunity to track progress, successful campaigns and customer engagement. Whether your business takes a passive or active approach to marketing CN Marketing is proficient in SMM. This includes, but is not limited to, managing business pages/ accounts, detecting market opportunities, public relations, market segmentation and targeted ads, automatisation and scheduling, customer engagement/ competitions and lead generation, Adwords as well as Adsense, keyword research and content writing