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Beauty Boss


Beauty Boss requested a logo design that screamed sophisticated but casual. Using a deep teal and copper motif the logo had to convey trustworthiness as well as appeal to both feminine and masculine tastes.

The use of different fonts was also important to the client, CN Marketing took to task and the result was a beautifully designed logo, which was also used in the company business cards, email signatures, letterheads and invoices.


Beauty Boss is a start-up online lifestyle shopping experience, beginning with make-up and aiming to provide exclusive, high-end products to their customers door step.

Beauty Boss emphasizes their brand as visual sophistication with a cheeky personality.

This is conveyed through clever word play and use of literate humor.

From blogs written by hot pink lipstick to an introduction to the Beauty Boss Team written in fairy-tale fashion, it is clear that Beauty Boss is a company that keeps day to day processing interesting and above all- fun.

a brand with visual sophistication but with a very cheeky/humorous personality.