Must Have App Features for Communication

With so many communication channels available to your consumer, it may feel overwhelming to keep up. At CN Marketing we offer a one-stop shop for communication features that are tailored to meet the needs of any business. We have listed seven must-have features that will turn your communication troubles into a walk in the park! At CN Marketing we aim to please, so we threw in a few Add-on Modules for the real go-getters who may be reading this.

Must Have App Features for Communication

1. Contact Us
This feature acts as a digital business card and displays all your business contact information; this includes automated dialing, geolocation via Google Maps, email addresses, contact numbers and links to Social Media accounts.

2. Push Notification
A Push Notification is a one-way communication channel that allows you to send unlimited mass messages to your customers on a scheduled basis. This feature is useful for alerts and reminders and can be sent to an individual or group via the mobile app. Push Notifications can be configured to geo-fence customers within a specific location- this means that you can set a Welcome or Thank-you alert to the app users who enter or leave a specific location. This feature also works for restricted areas.

Individual Push Notification (Add-on)
Imagine selecting users individually or by topic, and send a specific push notification. That’s what you will be able to do with this module.

3. Topics
Segment your offers into a list of categories with Topics and allow your app users to choose the items that they would like to subscribe to and remain informed on. This feature also works well for businesses with different branches, services or packages.

4. In-App Messages
Promote a new product or prompt users to log in to their account using the In-App Message feature. A message is displayed to the user when they open up the app. This feature has the ability to include images and text.

Popup Ads (Add-on)
The Popup Ads module will display targeted full-screen in-app ads to your app users. The uses for this module are quite varied. For example, when publishing new App versions users don’t always update it from the stores and the new features will not work. With this module, you can force users to update to the latest release by providing a link to the App store and preventing them from continuing.

5. Inbox (Add-on)
Send private two-way messages your specific customers with attachments such as invoicing, event coordination with the inclusion of video, image, and texts.

6. Basic Form
Gain valuable information from your customers, make use of the Forms feature on our restaurant app to receive feedback and suggestions from your customers.

MailChimp Integration (Add-on)
Integrate MailChimp with your app in just a few clicks and turn your app into a powerful marketing machine.

7. Surveys
Improve customer relations by including this feature in your mobile app. Post questionnaires and surveys to receive valuable customer feedback. This feature can be exported to Microsoft Excel for convenient data retrieval and comparison.

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