Popup Ads

Popup Ads



The Popup Ads module will display targeted full screen in-app ads to your app users.  The uses for this module are quite varied. For example, when publishing a new App version users don’t always update it from the stores and the new features will not work.  With this module you can force users to update to the latest release by providing a link to the App store and preventing them from continuing.

Also, you can use an Ad to explain how a new feature works or communicate a Happy Hour promotion. You’ll be able to create text ads directly on the Editor or upload image Ads.

This module can display full screen in-app adverts to your users when they open the app.

Other uses:

  • Remind users that an updated version of the app is available as well as, providing them with a link to the app stores. This module will also prevent them from using the outdated app until they have updated the app.
  • Use Popup Ads to explain how a new feature works
  • Communicate a promotion or special event
  • Ability to use text or image ads
  • Time/ Day based Adverts e.g. happy hour or Weekend Special Promotions
  • App Version Targeting, target users with a specific app versions
  • Slider Advertising
  • Link advertisement to specific app feature or url

Note – Works on our Easy App Creator Platform