5 Essential App Features For Every Mobile App

M-Commerce has transformed the way small to medium businesses reach their customers, therefore having a Mobile App is almost as necessary to business success as distributing business cards at a meeting.  The development of a mobile app need not be as costly as you may think, CN Marketing offers a Basic App Development package that is both affordable and user-friendly.  We have compiled a list of five essential app features that you should most definitely consider when planning your mobile app.
5 Essential App Features For Every Mobile App

Contact Us

Have you ever been asked for a business card but either, do not have any or left them all at the office? This is where Contact Us saves the day. App users have your company contact details in their pocket anytime anywhere, even when they are offline (not connected to the internet). Our Contact Us feature comes with a kick- we integrate automated dialing- no more scrambling for a pen and paper or asking someone to take down a phone number.  We also include important information such as trading hours, email addresses, web links and location via SAT/NAV.

Product/ Services Catalogue

Whether your business provides a service or sells physical products, we load them onto your app for customer convenience. This feature is perfect for showing your app users what your business offers to its customers, without having to print extra price lists. We upload downloadable PDF documents for larger lists.

Push Notifications

Do you use SMS or Whatsapp lists for Marketing? Although this is a creative way to generate business, this can prove to be very costly when used on a regular basis. We suggest using our Push Notification feature instead. As part of your Monthly App subscription fee, we include this one-way mass communication channel. Push Notifications can be used to broadcast reminders of closing dates, new product announcements and so much more. This feature is particularly useful when you have a broad message to share with your app users, alternatively, when used with our Topics feature you can send push notifications to specific groups as well.

Basic Loyalty

Most businesses offer a reward system to incentivise increased sales. This is a modern day method of upselling to your customers; consider this feature as a digitalised reward card without the hassle of physical cards, stamps or stickers. You also have the added benefit of tracking which loyalty points have been rewarded to whom. This reduces the risk of fraudulent points awarded without the sales to justify them. Who doesn’t love a good discount or something for free? You choose which rewards you would like to offer to your App users and whether you reward every sale or sales of specific products or services only.

Link Integration

Social media and a mobile-friendly website are essential to digital marketing; as such we integrate your social networking accounts into your app, as well as links to your website and email address. Improve the way your customers contact you or use this feature to direct traffic to your various accounts. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked In to name a few.

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