SA Coronavirus Portal Website Addition

As you are all aware, our country has been placed under lockdown until April 16th. The reason for this drastic measure is to disrupt the spread of the novel coronavirus and “flatten the curve”. In accordance with this goal, our government is continuously announcing new regulations that will help curb the spread even more. One of the most recent announcements now directly influences your business, whether closed or still operational.

All websites ending in .za is required to link to the government’s Covid-19 portal, This link has to be on the front page, and it has to be clearly visible.

We are notifying you of this new regulation and the need to be compliant. It is your business’ and it is also our patriotic duty to adhere to it. The responsibility to follow the rules and regulations belongs to every individual and every business, and together we have the power to drastically slow the impact and flatten the curve of Covid-19 virus infections.

You can take a look at our website here in order to see an example of the implementation of the abovementioned. Upon scrolling, a popup will notify users of the new notification.

We are offering this service at a flat rate of R550. We will implement the abovementioned regulation on your website, with an expected turnaround time of roughly one day. There is no deadline on this regulation as of yet, but it is rolling out with immediate effect. Should you wish to ignore this regulation, you could be facing dire consequences from the government.

We have loaded this item on our store, and we ask that you please share it with your business network. They can purchase it from there – and have the peace of mind that their websites are safe, and that they are playing their part to slow the spread of Covid-19 as well as the fake news surrounding the virus.

Please stay indoors, and stay safe.

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