Our Covid-19 Response

Washing your hands is one of the best preventative measure, not only for Covid-19, but against many other lurking germs and diseases

The novel Coronavirus, now referred to as Covid-19, has changed the entire world as we know it.

South Africa is now in lockdown, officially starting today at midnight, 26 March 2020. This lockdown will be in effect for 21 days, until midnight of 16 April 2020. Everyone, except for a few exempted industries, will be required to stay at home. The reason for this drastic measure is to flatten the curve of the virus and in doing so disrupt its spread.

Here you can read some more about the industries exempted from the lockdown.

Here you can read more about the current state of affairs regarding Covid-19.You can stay up to date on the developments of the lockdown here.

Our government has implemented a Whatsapp helpline as well, where you will be able to find accurate and up-to-date news regarding Covid-19. You can reach them from here OR you can save the number +27 060 012 3456 to your phone, and text “Hi”.

Fake News

Please be vigilant about the news you read and share. Fake news is incredibly dangerous, and spreads fear and panic. We need to work together, as a people and a community, to distinguish fact from fiction and our participation therein. Make sure you only use trusted sources, like the WHO website, or our own government’s news outlets.

Spreading fear might cause people to react irrationally, and as such prevent the authorities from stopping the spread of the virus. Should you decide to ignore the regulations and spread fake news, you may be liable for a hefty fine or even jail time.

How will the current situation impact CN Marketing?

As released in a CN Marketing newsletter on 23 March 2020, our offices are closed until further notice. Our team will be working remotely, and we are tackling this situation head-on. Here are some of the changes you can expect:


This presents itself as the perfect opportunity to fully exploit the digital tools at our disposal, as no physical meetings will be able to take place. Our landline will also not be operational until further notice.

Software such as Skype or Zoom will be of incredible importance to continue client communications, as well as service delivery. Email and instant messaging are also avenues of communication that can be utilized to their full extent. Here are our contact details at this time:

For urgent queries/sales calls, please dial this number: 0798799579

For digital development (apps or websites), click here.

For digital marketing services, click here.

For quick business queries/questions, click here.For support related requests, click here.


In light of the very serious situation we face, we have in response decided to develop services unique to these circumstances. Many businesses will need to close, and as a result see significant revenue losses. As such, here is a list of the service packages that we have put together to aid businesses in their response to the lockdown and Covid-19 outbreak.

  1. Mobile App Development

Our Mcommerce App Development solution enables your business to operate from your own mobile app. This app allows for the following:

  1. In-app purchases
  2. E-commerce Store integrations
  3. Communication tools (notifications, forms, surveys, etc)
  4. Advertising tools (popup ads, social integration, etc)
  5. Order & Delivery management system
  6. Free Development (you have to load the content), valued at R12 500
  7. Low monthly maintenance fee
  8. Training and Support provided
  • Website Development

Customers are by default refraining from physical brick-and-mortar purchases and visits, and as such your businesses are required to adapt to their online preferences. Allowing your customers to continue purchase from you in a safe, easy and automated way will greatly increase your customers retention.

  1. Flat development fee of R9 500, valued at R15 000
  2. Integrations
  3. Store Setups
  4. Payment Gateways
  • Digital Marketing

Even though your business might not be operational during the lockdown, it is important to stay relevant and in touch with your customers and sensitise them that there is an alternative way to transact and conduct business. Our marketing packages will help you to inform your customers of ecommerce developments (pre-launch and post-launch), or just what they can expect from you in the coming weeks.

  1. Free Business Consultations, valued at R1500
  2. Cohesive Strategy Development
  3. Full-suite packages (integrated maps + channels)
  4. Flat rates, no hidden costs

Our clients remain our utmost priority. We are in continuous communication to determine the best route forward with regard to our marketing efforts and digitization wherever possible.

If you want more information on any of the above, feel free to contact our team as stated herein. We are still available for the normal working hours, and still more than happy to help.

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