The Most Important Mobile Coupon Trends for 2020

Digital coupons are more relevant than ever before with the use of mobile phones increasing year on year.
The digital world is going mobile.
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It’s no secret that the digital world is slowly but surely transitioning to the mobile scene. In 2019, a Juniper Study showed that the 1 billion threshold in Mobile Coupon users was surpassed. A mobile marketing strategy is no longer something that’s nice to have. Don’t miss out on a growing market – keep reading to find out about the digital coupon trends waiting for you this year.



Digitization of paper coupon books


With the renewed sense of earth preservation running rampant all over the planet, the use of paper coupon books is outdated by far. Most inks are harmful to the environment, while deforestation also forces us to use paper mediums more responsibly. Other than that, your customers don’t want a random mess of coupon books lying around. With a digital coupon app you are doing your part for the environment while simultaneously making the lives of your customers easier. And another snazzy benefit? Significant reductions in printing costs!


Digital Customer Care


Customers expect businesses to handle their complaints and suggestions professionally and swiftly – if you don’t, you will forever lose their loyalty. 90% of consumers will not do business with a company they deem to have insufficient customer care. And if that’s not enough, consumers are willing to spend 17% more on a company with outstanding customer service. What’s the best way to improve your customer service, you ask? It’s simple – automation. Once a customer has left a complaint along with their details, it’s easy to reach out to them and suggest a solution. Make it easy for your customers to communicate with you through your digital coupons app and you’ll be sure to outrank the highest of their customer service standards.



Gamification is not a new thing by any means – it’s used to engage and entertain across all industries and sectors. Gamified website popups are especially successful; a pop-up with a single-use coupon is highly likely to nudge that visitor toward adding the item to their cart. You’ve added value by helping them save their hard-earned money while also creating urgency with the single-use factor. Making it fun is another bonus that engages the visitor and increases the likelihood of their return.

Here are some different types:


  • Website popup with a time delay: Display a Gamified Coupon in the shape of a website pop up. Predetermine the time when it has to pop up.
  • Desktop or mobile exit intent: Whenever a client is likely to leave the webpage he’s on or whenever a client scrolls over the webpage, a popup will show up. Implement your gamified coupon, reveal an appealing discount and give the visitor a last nudge towards a conversion.
  • Clickable web tab: A clickable tab may be a less pushy method. A visitor chooses himself whether he opens a pop up.


Mobile Wallet Marketing

Mobile Wallet Marketing might be one of the most interesting features to consider in 2020. More and more people are going to use mobile wallets and the actual mobile wallets are equipped with more advanced features. In order to take advantage of Mobile Wallets, marketers must first search for a way in. A mobile Coupon or mobile Loyalty Card could do so. A user saves it to their mobile wallet and opens the door for precisely targeted communication. The passes in the Mobile Wallet can be seen as lightweight apps because of the slightly comparable features they provide. The real challenge is to balance your efforts wisely and only send important, relevant and useful notifications in order to make sure you don’t bother the user.

Here are the available options:


  • Mobile Coupon Option: A Merchant has to enable the ‘save2mobilewallet’ option while creating the coupon. When a client saved a Coupon to their wallet, a merchant can send basic ‘notifications’ such as: ‘Don’t forget to redeem your Coupon’ or ‘Your coupon is only valid for three more days.’
  • Loyalty Card option: Loyalty Cards enable more options for Marketers to reach the user at critical moments. If a Loyalty Card is saved in the wallet, it enables Merchants to send push notifications based on geofencing. The push notifications options are yet to improve in 2020.



There you have it! The most important mobile coupon trends for 2020 – it’s sure to be an exciting year for businesses joining the mobile scene.

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The trend has been mobile is winning. It’s now won.

– Eric Schmidt


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