Criticism of Apple’s Policy Changes Continue

The tyranny of Apple’s revised policies for publishing apps to their store continues to bring developers blood to a boil. While Apple claims that the changes to publishing policies were for the greater good- developers have seen some rather nefarious consequences. Subsequently this has lead to more apps published on android and doing away with iOS apps completely. According to Vitalik Buteria, co-founder of the Ethereum’s Tweets – these changes should be receiving more criticism for its restrictive app store policies.
Criticism of Apple’s Policy Changes Continue

The tweet suggests that there has been little to no complaints made against the strict rules imposed by the Apple App Review team. Many rejections by this team have been based on the functionality of the apps in review. Speculation of the policy now enforced by Apple’s true intent seems to revolve around the absence of Developer Accounts. Apple announced earlier this year that apps would no longer be accepted to their store if each app was not linked to that company or organisations Developer Account: putting many app development companies in a tough spot. The annual fee for a Developer Account with Apple costs $99, pushing up the cost of app development to a nearly unaffordable rate.

Developer guidelines were recently updated to exclude cryptocurrency mining on iOS devices, citing that these apps drain the battery of the device, generate excessive heat and puts needless strain on the device’s resources. Apple goes further to say that “Apps, including any third party advertisements displayed within them, may not run unrelated background processes, such as cryptocurrency mining.” Surprising that this policy is announced after the Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak has all but praised cryptocurrency, and referring it as “digital gold”.

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