.APP Domains and What It Means for Your Mobile App

Google Chrome has recently introduced the world’s first open Top Level Domain (TLD). This means that you are now able to create a more optimised URL for your mobile app. Instead of the last part of your app URL ending in .com .co.za or.net; your mobile app domain name can now end in with .app!
.app Domains and What It Means for Your Mobile App

The new .app open TLD name, creates a new home on the web for mobile apps, web apps, progressive web apps, desktop apps and web developers- anything that has anything to do with mobile apps. The .app domain further extends to landing pages, server end points, marketing pages and deep linking URLS that go directly into a specific piece of content.

Benefits of registering your .app domain:

  1. Your app URL is more memorable for your users.
  2. Your app URL is more meaningful and refers to your app.
  3. Increased branding opportunity and improved marketing on text restrictive platforms such as Facebook Advertising. For example: httml://www.vcrapp.co.za will now become httml://www.vcr.app
  4. All .app domains are HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) compliant by default, increasing privacy and security.
  5. Domain name authenticity – prevents injected advertisers at hot spots and from service providers.
  6. Powerful API, such as Push Notifications are only available to HSTS registered domains.
  7. HSTS- which makes use of preloading in order to connect to HTTPS over other versions of your website such as HTTP means faster loading of the website.
  8. Increases browser efficacy, saving time, disk space and CPU cycles.
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Tools on how to set up an HSTS compliant site:

  1. For a list of registered .app domain names go to https://www.registry.google/about/domains.html
  2. Lighthouse, provides audits that searches for mixed content https://developers.google.com/web/tools/lighthouse

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