What is HTTPS and how will affect you?

HTTP Strict Transport Security has been in development for over three years, as Google’s solution to growing privacy concerns. How will this affect you as a business owner? We at CN Marketing, we like to keep things simple. We have summarised what this new protocol means to your website.

What is HTTPS and how will affect you?

An HTTP header on a website isn’t going to cut it after Google moves forward with their plan to favour websites who are registered for HTTPS. Google plans to name and shame those that do not adopt this new protocol. The enforcement of the https protocol on all websites by Google, will prevent attacks like cookie sniffing as well as MITM using SSL stripping. With the enforcement of the https policy by Google, say good-bye to compromised or breached security. In conjunction with HSTS, the practice of imitating popular websites or altering the code of an HTTP website will be stopped in its tracks.

So what does this mean for your website?

Whether you use your website for commerce, data collection, or online booking your users provide information ranging from none serious (such as email addresses) to privileged (such as banking details and identification numbers). Simply put, effective from July 2018, Chrome 68 will favour HTTPS websites over those that do not. In addition Google will also list the websites who do not have HTTPS headers as not secure.  This ruling will take place regardless of your website SEO status. This means that Adwords campaigns, Social Media Marketing and any other optimization that facilitates an increase in traffic to your website will be negatively affected.

That being said, this policy which will go into effect in July 2018, means that you still have enough time to get your website affairs in order. By ensuring that your website is HTTPS compliant, you will be rewarded with better search visibility and increased security.

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