Solution Crafting

Solution Crafting

Solution crafting starts at the beginning of a project initiative. The first stage of solution crafting starts, with the actual functional and non functional needs having to be translated and taken into a account to ensure that the solution aligns with the strategic business objectives of the company. Other aspects of solution crafting involves taking into account, other business applications, supporting software and overall system architecture, whilst simultaneously looking at the reuse of other areas across the business enterprise.

Understanding the needs of the enterprise lies at the very heart of the "discovery phase" and involves, the face to face conversations with actual users to understand real pain, real needs, and real successes.

This also often involves taking into account software touching and having to integrate many different, and/or existing systems in an organization and is as important as the end user experience. It is this integration of various systems that will touch other business areas, that will either make or break the success of a project. Defining these technology endpoints early in the process is thus crucial to success,

Once the “Discovery Phase” is complete, the creative element of crafting a business solution, will be the next, but key and deciding factor of whether a project successfully achieves the goal of addressing the complex business issues, addresses the business needs and solves the challenging problems that is was presented with in the first place to meet the business requirements. 

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