Internet Research

Internet Research

The Internet can be a researcher's dream come true or a frustrating nightmare with information overload.

However the real challenge and possibly the biggest obstacle facing researchers on the Internet is how to effectively and efficiently access the vast amount of information available with the simple click of the mouse.

With the Internet's potential as a research tool, having a manageable strategy for sorting through the abundance of information and data can be in itself a very exhaustive process. Firstly starting with and searching for reliable resources, which in itself can be an overwhelming , time consuming and frustrating process.

At CN Marketing, we have a defined process to help our clients with their internet research and business development requirements and needs, by conducting research for them and making the research process a much more manageable, reliable and relevant experience.

Simply put, we at CN Marketing, start with questioning and/or structuring questions, then planning and developing a search strategy, information gathering, sorting and then sifting through the data. The process continues with analysing, and then categorising the data gathered, synthesizing and integrating the information and then drawing conclusions and making recommendations, (i.e. after processing the results, and if necessary, we begin the process all over again, if the results are not relevant)

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