At CN Marketing we pride ourselves on being as close as possible at the forefront of innovation.

We have recognised that given the accelerating growth in internet usage and access worldwide, most notably in developing countries; and the rapid growth in Internet usage by both existing and new users, that just keeping up with the pace of the internet’s increasing demands and changing needs of the end users is a recurring challenge.

This increase in demand is predominantly driven by the demand for video content and new services such as machine-to-machine applications.

However, there are strong business arguments that current business models are unable to supply the infrastructure needed to meet these demands, which arguably, could lead to a reduction in service delivery, quality or even a collapse of the Internet, if we do not continue on a path of innovation.

However, in mitigation of this argument, there is the strong argument and evidence of the Internets sustainability being sustained by the introduction of new technology, investment and changes in traffic flows.

However at CN Marketing we recognise that innovation is a “messy business” which creates novel solutions to important problems.

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